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High Quality Solar Road Studs Can Reduce Traffic Accidents

The economies of many countries around the world are developing at a high rate, so road infrastructure is very important and a large budget is invested for this purpose every year. However, due to the developed infrastructure, the speed of vehicles is getting faster and faster, and at the same time the number of traffic accidents is increasing.

Safety measures, especially at night when serious accidents can occur, are a must. Many accidents occur at curves, intersections and speed bumps on the road. Nokin, a company that has been working in the field of road safety for 20 years, provides the most effective solar road stud products to avoid such accidents. Let's take a look at the countermeasures for black spots at night.

    1. Solar road studs for centerline

Once you bury it in the road, the solar road studs will start flashing lights from that night.
All the equipment needed for independent function is built into this small box, requiring no external power and no maintenance.
Solar road studs flash on dark roads to draw attention to hazards and help drivers easily estimate curve sizes and edge line locations.


    2. Solar road studs for Intersection

One of the main accident points is the intersection. Accidents that occur at intersections are collisions and are usually fatal. When you drive in the dark, even if you know the road well, you may miss an intersection. By installing solar road studs in the center of an intersection, you can see the location of the intersection from a distance. In addition to the normal type, we can also customize different types of solar road studs upon request.


    3. Solar road studs for Stop Line

Installing the solar road studs at the stop line in front of an intersection is effective.
Drivers can see the exact location of the stop line from a distance, allowing them to slow down early and stop at the exact spot. Placing solar road studs in front of speed bumps is also effective.


In addition to the contribution in the road warning, solar road studs have many other uses, in recent years, can be seen in many dock docks, park lighting decoration and other places similar to the solar road studs, because no additional wiring, solar road studs have a great advantage of use. Nokin offers a wide variety of high quality solar road studs, welcome new and old friends to consult for the solar road studs details.