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Green Energy Solar LED Road Marker


solar road markerSolar led road marker is an environmentally safe road demarcation treatment method, which can be seen up to 800 meters away. Solar road marker require little maintenance and will not incur ongoing operating costs. Reliable use of led technology to depict areas of poor visibility, and warns drivers of imminent traffic obstacles in the road ahead, such as traffic islands; roundabouts and humps or depicts bicycle and walking paths, boat ramps and airport taxiways and aprons.

The cost-effectiveness of the solar led road marker:
* Average life span of 3-5 years
* Maintenance free
* Replace elevated street lights
                                                                                      * Simple and friendly installation
                                                                                      * No power supply required

For roads with (or considered to have) dangerous characteristics (including elbows, downhills, or intersections), led road marker provide better contours, while at complex intersections, on / off ramps and lanes merge, solar road marker can provide better guidance. The most important thing is that solar led road marker are environmentally friendly and do not require expensive cables to be laid. As long as there is sunshine, the little one can work there.

Solar led road marker installation steps:
*Check whether the charging and discharging of the solar road markers are normal
*Determine the installation location and distance and clean the road
*Clean the bottom of the led road marker and use epoxy glue to stick it to the ground
*Wait for 6-8 hours, after the glue is completely dry, put the solar road marker into use