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Solar LED Road Marker -New Guarantee for Road Security


solar road markerImagine driving on a road without street lights at night. It is dark far away, the sight can only see a few meters away from the headlights of the car, The line of the distance is not clear, and the road lane line in the distance can not be seen clearly, the car can only drive slowly, At this time, if there are bright lights that can outline the road lane, it will be a wonderful thing. At this time, solar led road marker will be a good solution.

Solar led road marker is a low-cost, independent, solar-chargeable LED road marker. They can be used to reduce speed and draw drivers' attention to common features, dangerous and dangerous corners on our roads. Solar road marker can not replace reflective raised pavement marker (RRPM), but can be used as new high-tech alarm equipment.

Nokin's solar led road marker series are assembled using the best available components. The shell of solar led road marker is made of sturdy alloy aluminum castings, combined with indestructible polycarbonate panels, and combined with the latest LED, solar and energy storage technologies. We are very confident in the durability of NOKIN solar led road marker, so we provide each unit with an unprecedented 2 year shelf life.

Solar led road marker mind increasing warning distance:

* Emit vibrant light instead of reflecting light
* Resistant to extreme weather
* Designed to withstand huge weight pressure

Solar led road marker usually used in tunnels, turns, refuge islands, highway ramps, mountain roads, etc.