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How Does Solar Road Stud Lights Participate in Traffic Management

How does solar road stud participate in traffic management? Improper traffic facilities, unreasonable traffic organization, imperfect traffic management, traffic chaos, and other events are easy to induce normalized traffic congestion. Through the micro reconstruction of traffic facilities, optimization, and adjustment of traffic organization and other measures, we can effectively tap the potential of road traffic and improve traffic order. The Transportation Bureau of a city has always regarded the management of traffic congestion points as one of the key tasks of the Bureau, which is inseparable from the participation of solar road stud lights.
Solar road stud lights can be used in the center line of the road or the edge line of the road. The solar road stud lights installed in the middle line of the road have particularly high requirements for compressive performance. Therefore, the solar road stud is mostly designed with an aluminum shell, which has strong impact resistance and durability. The solar panel of the road stud light is embedded in the aluminum frame so that it can better absorb solar energy without being crushed by the car.

In order to solve the problem that the solar road stud light is damaged by the car, the solar road stud light can also be buried in the ground, with only about 5 mm exposed to the ground. According to the different installation positions, road stud lights can be divided into embedded solar road studs and protruding solar road studs. At present, the most widely used solar road stud light is the protruding battery. This kind of solar road stud used on the edge line does not require particularly high compressive performance, and it can still work effectively when protruding from the ground.

The solar road stud light adopts a super bright LED, which is eye-catching and clear in color. No matter in the day or at night, the light of solar road stud has good visual performance, which can attract the attention of drivers, reduce speed and improve driving safety on the highway. Solar road stud lights can play a good warning effect at night, and flashing lights can remind drivers of the changes in road conditions ahead.
Under the leadership of government units at all levels, solar road stud lights have effectively improved the traffic order and continuously improved the traffic operation capacity through less investment and faster implementation speed transformation. With the help of solar road stud lights, a city plans to complete the task of governance of more than 15 congestion points, and 11 points have been completed.