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Flush Type Solar Road Studs Could Be Used To Reduce Traffic Accidents

NOKIN's solar road studs have a nighttime visibility of over 500m and up to 1000m. The flush type solar road studs consist of a bulletproof PC housing, a disposable die-cast aluminum housing, LEDs and a controller. Therefore, solar road studs are high-tech electronic products. NOKIN has created a new solar road stud application system based on the characteristics of solar road studs.

This new solar road stud application system is called the Intelligent Pedestrian Crossing System, or smart zebra crossing system. The Smart Pedestrian Crossing System can correspond to a variety of IOT interfaces, which can be connected to high-definition thermal cameras, geomagnetic sensors, traffic light signal systems, etc. The above devices send control signal to the solar road controller and the solar road studs start flashing automatically or change colors. Drivers will pay attention to the pedestrians in front of them when they see the signal of solar road studs to reduce traffic accidents.


It is worth noting that the solar road studs installed around crosswalks are generally flush type solar road studs. This is based on the flush type solar road studs are more resistant to pressure. After the solar road studs are installed, the top of it only protrudes 6mm from the ground, which prevents damage to cars, pedestrians and snow shovels. At the same time, solar road studs are easy to install. Compared with street lights, the installation of solar road studs can reduce the construction damage to the road.

The entire Smart Pedestrian Crossing System must be regularly tested by dedicated personnel and operated in strict accordance with solar road stud products to prevent man-made defects in devices and components. The previous detailed installation work is to ensure that the solar road studs can work for a long time. Generally solar road studs can work continuously for more than 5 years, which is much longer than the service life of ordinary road studs.


NOKIN supports customization service for solar road studs. The blinking frequency of solar road studs can be adjusted according to customer requirements, and the color of solar road studs can also be selected according to customer preferences. Generally the flashing frequency of solar road studs is 2Hz to 4Hz, and the colors of solar road studs are divided into yellow, white, red, green and blue. If you want to display your logo on the road stud, it is also possible, but need to reach a certain minimum order quantity.