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Five Reasons to Install Embedded LED Road Studs On Crosswalk

Safety: This reason may seem a bit obvious, but don't underestimate the profound and dramatic impact the embedded led road stud lights can have on the visibility of crosswalks (both day and night) and on drivers approaching them. Drivers often have more on their minds than the task of driving, and LED road stud systems can easily mean the difference between life and death. Even an extra moment of braking can have a dramatic impact on the final stopping point of a 3,000-pound vehicle. 


Distracted Driving: Never before in the history of the automobile has distracted driving been such a dangerous and pervasive habit as it is today. It affects virtually all socio-economic and age ranges and is considered by some to be the number one cause of road accidents today. Some estimates suggest that the number of distracted drivers at any given time is between 7 and 10 percent. If 10,000 vehicles approach a crosswalk each day, some quick math disturbingly suggests that drivers approach a crosswalk 700 to 1,000 times per day while driving distracted.
Tunnel Vision: A well-documented and disturbing side effect of distracted driving is a significant reduction in vision, which is referred to as tunnel vision. In some cases, signs and warning beacons mounted on the roadside or overhead mast arms are virtually invisible to drivers experiencing this effect. To date, embedded LED road stud warning systems are the only warning systems that remain within the field of view of distracted drivers.

Responsibility and liability: Let's face it: it's a world of litigation. Pedestrians hit in crosswalks will quickly become a target list of clients for the best and brightest legal minds. To be able to prove that you have responsibly and proactively taken every possible measure to ensure maximum crosswalk visibility is worth its weight in mitigating liability gold. In many cases, it is possible to install a high quality led road stud system at a tenth of the cost of the potential legal liability for a single case.

Reliability: Reliability may not be one of the common reasons: but when it comes to streetscape beautification projects, nothing can ruin a streetscape more quickly than a set of stout industrial poles, beacons, and overhead mast arms. To be fair, decorative mast arms and beacons can be obtained; but they are expensive and remain unattended to as a dangerous problem for tunnel vision. Today's embedded led road stud systems on crosswalk are low-profile and for all intents and purposes blend into the road until it's time for them to finish the job. They require little maintenance and, in many cases, will still operate reliably for 8 to 10 years of their useful life.