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Energy Saving Solar Road Stud Light

As the main body of urban road safety facilities, solar road stud lights are a new lighting infrastructure that integrates various cutting-edge technologies and applications according to the distribution of urban roads and streets and the concept of "energy saving and high efficiency". In the smart city, intelligent solar road studs play an indispensable role.

Solar road stud lights are commonly used on both sides of crosswalks. Smart solar road studs are connected to traffic light systems to create "smart crosswalks". Perhaps you have seen such a scene in many places: at dusk or night, crosswalks without street lights, but a bright light to remind drivers around the timely avoidance. In places with high traffic flow, intelligent solar road studs flashing constantly, can always remind drivers to pay attention to pedestrians. I have seen such intelligent road stud lights in many cities.


In addition, the solar road stud lights are colorful and brightly lit, making them an important tool for beautifying the city. Solar road stud lights are generally available in five colors: red, green, yellow, white,and blue. Buyers can choose the color of solar road stud lights according to their needs. Different colors of road stud lights have the same lighting effect and lighting range, through led bright light to achieve urban lighting optimization.

The brightness characteristics of solar road stud lights are also important. Solar road studs can achieve the ideal lighting brightness. Solar road studs use LED as the lighting source, and the visual range can reach more than 800m. Super bright LED is an important factor for people to choose solar road stud lights. The general brightness of road stud lights in about 2000mcd, can effectively play the role of warning and lighting. Continuous bright solar road studs, generally play the role of lighting. Solar road studs to can have flashing mode of work to play a warning role.


Bearing in mind the diverse needs of our customers, NOKIN has come up with a wide range of solar road stud lights. NOKIN Solar Road roads are widely known among the clients for their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. The offered road stud lights are designed using quality materials and leading technology to meet the market norms. These solar road studs are available in various customized design options to meet the varied needs of the clients.