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Energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED solar powered traffic signs

Without traffic signs, our travels would certainly be a mess. As society has progressed, various types of traffic signs have come to our attention. Whether it is the lines in the middle and edges of the road, or the reflective markings on the guardrails, they all do their part to keep us safe on the road. As the economy develops, traffic signs are becoming more and more functional, and the materials are becoming more environmentally friendly. But the traditional energised signage is gradually failing to meet our needs. The light pollution that it indirectly causes is threatening people's health. In everyday life, people commonly experience light pollution as a result of the dizziness of pedestrians and drivers caused by reflections from mirrored buildings, and the discomfort caused by unreasonable lighting at night. The light pollution caused by the bright lights of the night is not to be underestimated, and light pollution has invaded the lives of all people in a pervasive manner. After nightfall, the flashing, dazzling neon lights, light box advertising and light signs on the upper floors of shopping malls and hotels, incandescent lighting on construction sites with night permits, etc., shine the night as if it were daytime, dazzling. Some of the strong beams even go straight up to the clouds, making the night as if it were daytime. The light pollution caused by flashy lights at night has caused people to turn a blind eye to signage that relies on passive reflection. Environmentally friendly solar powered traffic sign have also come into being.
Energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED solar powered traffic signs

With the gradual improvement of motorway construction in the plains, hilly areas and economically developed areas of provinces and cities, the focus of motorway construction is gradually shifting to mountainous areas and mountainous areas where economic development is relatively lagging behind, mountainous motorways, where the wind speed is more significantly influenced by mountain ranges and valleys, with an average wind speed of only 1.2 m/s. The humid and rainy climate conditions combined with the lush forest environment often result in fog on this section. And because motorways often span long distances, especially as many pass through rural and mountainous areas, the situation on motorways is relatively complicated. The fog is often unevenly distributed, sometimes with a fairly clear view on one stretch of road and foggy on another. As this usually happens at night, when a high-speed vehicle suddenly enters a foggy area, the driver will feel a sudden darkening of vision, and some drivers will not be able to adapt to the sudden change in vision and will have a sense of panic, which will easily lead to traffic accidents. Even in the rainy season in the south, the Energy efficient solar powered traffic sign can continue to protect our traffic safety!
In the daytime, the solar panel in the solar sign absorbs sunlight, converts solar energy into electrical energy and stores it in the energy storage device. At night, the electrical energy in the storage device is automatically converted into light energy (controlled by a photoelectric switch), and the LED emits bright light to outline the pattern and convey traffic information.
Early LED solar powered traffic sign, basically a light box, the circuit, controller, battery are placed in the box. Its disadvantages: the box is too bulky, the solar panel is too large, which is not conducive to packaging, transportation, in the process of transportation, often resulting in internal damage; the battery and circuit are sealed in the box, not suitable for replacement; the box is too large, sealing is not suitable for control; this also greatly increases the cost of use! And in the event of rain, wind, hail and other weather is very easy to damage and lead to accidents. Solar warning signals do not need mains electricity, easy to install, sealed and impact resistant, etc. are very suitable for municipal construction and other occasions.
Energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED solar powered traffic signs
Solar powered traffic sign is based on monocrystalline silicon solar modules as the energy source, no need for grid support, not subject to geographical restrictions, very convenient to use! It uses solar cells to convert daytime sunlight into electrical energy stored in the signage, when night falls, dim light or rain and fog weather and other poor visibility, traffic signage signage on the light-emitting diodes automatically start flashing, the light is particularly bright, eye-catching, with a strong warning effect. Especially in the highway without power, often moving construction sites and dangerous areas, this kind of active light-emitting signage embodies a special warning role, its visual distance is reflective film as reflective material signage 5 times, its dynamic effect is also ordinary signage can not be replaced.