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Environmentally friendly and energy-saving LED solar-powered road studs Light made possible by solar

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that comes from the light and heat radiating from the earth and is harnessed by a range of evolving technologies. Solar cells can be used to convert heat energy into electricity through photothermal conversion. Solar technology is widely characterized as a passive or active way of capturing, converting, and distributing sunlight. Active solar technologies use solar photovoltaic panels, pumps, and fans to convert sunlight into a useful output. Passive solar technology involves selecting materials with good thermal properties, designing spaces for natural air circulation, and arranging the location of buildings in accordance with the sun. Active solar technologies, which increase the supply of energy, are considered to be on the supply side, while passive solar technologies, which reduce the need for alternative sources, are often considered to be on the demand side. Our energy-saving LED solar powered  road studs, however, use mainly photothermal conversion, which greatly reduces the consumption of electricity in cities, has a long life and requires no manual maintenance!

In recent years, various traffic safety facilities and products with high technological content have been favored by the industry in highway safety and security projects. The widespread use of these traffic safety facilities and products has played an important role in improving road safety and reducing traffic accidents. Among the various traffic safety facilities or products, LED solar road stud can clearly outline the outline and edge of the road in the rain, fog, and road bend to guide the driver's vision, thus eliminating the safety hazards of the road, which has received widespread attention from the industry.

Compared with ordinary reflective road studs, Environmentally friendly solar road studs have two most important features: Firstly, the luminous brightness is large. As long as there is enough light during the day, it can work continuously at night and is not affected by the voltage level and goes off and on. A sufficient amount of light can even allow it to work for several days. All this is, of course, thanks to solar energy. Whereas the reflective light of an ordinary reflective road stud is only 300 MCD to 400 MCD, the luminosity of a solar-powered road stud can be up to 2000 MCD, six to seven times brighter than the former. Such high-intensity light can penetrate the rain and fog at night, safe and effective for drivers to guide direction. Secondly, active light-emitting, dynamic warning. Solar road studs flash at a certain frequency at night, and their dynamic warning effect is very strong. Active light not only avoids rain and fog interference to the greatest extent but also allows the driver's vision to get rid of the dependence on car lights, and the visual distance is farther and more effective.
Environmentally friendly and energy-saving LED solar-powered road studs Light made possible by solar technology

As we all know, an important factor in determining the life of a solar-powered road studs  is the life of the battery, which must not only be long enough but must also be able to work properly over a wide temperature range. The batteries are chemical substances inside and if the temperature is too high or too low, the batteries will not work the operating temperature range of the solar road studs must match the requirements of the actual environment. But with solar technology we don't need to think about this, as the saying goes: the sun always rises! Therefore, the service life of solar road studs is very long.
Environmentally friendly and energy-saving LED solar-powered road studs Light made possible by solar technology

Similarly, the adaptability of the solar nail to the environment is also very important, encountering rain and snow, to ensure that the nail will not water into failure, it also has sufficient load-bearing capacity, and temperature adaptability, so that a qualified nail. For these issues, focus on the production of road stud light, Shenzhen Nokin traffic, for all of us have taken this into account, and our company's production of road spikes can meet your needs of various conditions, come to understand it!