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Customizable Solar Cat Eyes Road Studs Can Be Offered In NOKIN Traffic


NOKIN Traffic specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of new high-tech "cat eyes" more than 15 years. They are showing their new eco-friendly solar road stud technology to countries around the world.

solar road stud manufacturer

Unlike traditional backlit road signs, the NOKIN solar road stud contains solar LEDs that illuminate the actual direction of the road miles away from the driver. In order to provide nighttime visibility, NOKIN solar road stud no longer needs to reflect car headlights on traditional road signs. Unlike traditional cat eyes, traditional streetlights only provide fogging in the environment and create dark spots between each streetlight on the road, while the increased illumination distance visibility provided by NOKIN solar road stud will serve as a warning signal. Drivers on the road warn not only to provide more visual information to the driver, but also to increase the driver's decision time on the night road so that they can perform more efficiently while driving.

Each solar road stud consists of a solar panel (polysilicon/single crystal silicon material), an internal battery (for energy storage), a light sensor, and an LED. When the sun begins to set and the surrounding environment begins to darken, the light-sensitive devices inside solar cat eyes determine the intensity of the illumination in the environment and then send a message to the LEDs to activate them for illumination.

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NOKIN solar road stud offers two different types of battery storage capabilities: Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and super capacitor storage devices. Ni-MH batteries usually have a maximum performance charge and discharge cycle of about 1000 times, giving nickel-metal hydride batteries a life of two to three years. The charging and discharging cycle of the ultracapacitor energy storage device is about 100,000 times, which greatly improves the life cycle of the road light and improves the physical performance and environmental efficiency of the technology.

NOKIN also offers the ability to customize the color and lighting patterns of LEDs. NOKIN offers a range of different colors and allows customers to determine the exact RGB level so that customers can develop specific color coding to suit their needs. NOKIN also lets you determine the number of leds per unit and the you can print your brand logo on the solar road studs.

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You can choose between two light modes; constant light or flash mode. Those who choose a flashing LED can even specify the number of flashes required per minute. NOKIN's technology uses a basic, durable polycarbonate material that is a more cost effective and economical option. NOKIN also offers its technology in a more advanced ultra-strength aluminum alloy casing material for harsher and more rugged environmental conditions