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Buy Solar Road Studs From NOKIN

NOKIN Traffic Facilities Co, Ltd. produced solar road studs and ordinary reflective road studs can effectively autonomous light or passive light. Solar road stud has the advantages of long service life, durability and environmental protection. Solar road stud is more suitable for use in dark conditions and places where there is no condition to install circuits than ordinary reflective road studs.

The first solar road stud powered by solar energy was created to provide a clearly visible traffic guidance in all weather conditions. Unlike conventional reflective road studs, NOKIN solar road stud do not rely on headlights to delineate the road ahead. LED solar road stud using bright light-emitting diodes (LEDs), projected light from each solar road stud can be seen at up to 800m away during night time darkness.

The solar road stud can install in any location where traditional lighting may be unavailable or cost prohibitive making them ideal LED marine beacons or road delineators. Plus, the sturdy aluminum die cast construction, attractive design, and ultra-bright solar road stud in red, blue, or yellow, make this a versatile solution,  LED solar road stud for all road, marine and pathway lighting needs.
The solar road stud maintain a charge adequate for full duty cycle. These solar road studs are re-charged by sunlight, lower level light, and from other light sources such as vehicle headlights. NOKIN solar road studs include a one year warranty and have a service life of up to 3-5 years.
If you need the solar road studs but don't know where to buy the solar road studs, why not contact with NOKIN? NOKIN will provide professional service and high quality solar road studs. So far, NOKIN solar road studs have been sold to 60+ countries and gained the trust of many customers.