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How to Buy Solar Road Stud Light


In our daily work,some times we meet some questions from our clients that how to buy solar road studs on your website? Now I will list some tips for your reference and those tips will help us make a quick answer for your inquiry about the road stud light.

road stud light

1.The Model 

There are about 18 types of different road studs light in our website.Some of road stud light can be used in the middle of road central, some of solar road stud lights just can be used in roadside and some road stud light can be used as decoration light, so if you need them ,it is better you tell us which type of solar road stud light you need.In addition, price is another reason that we need the model of road stud light that you need, after all, different model have different prices.

2. The Quantity You Need of The Road Stud Light.

The quantity is one of most important index in buying solar road stud,beacuse the price is different between one piece and the 1000pcs road stud light. Telling us the quantity you need will help we make a judge that those goods will be transported by air or for express delivery,we will recommend an optimal solution for you.

road stud light

3.Where is the road stud light will be used.

Road stud light can be used in pedestrian crossing,round abbout,traffic islands,walkway,garden decoration,public places ,stairs and steps and so on, if you want to use the solar road stud light on moddle of road central then the compressive performance of the road stud light must be very high.The road stud light will not be easily crushed by cars.But if you just want to buy some solar road studs light used in deck and bridge as light decoration, then the waterproof and brightness will be the consideration factors.You can shoose our solar road stud NK-RS-Q7.Maybe you just know I want to install some road stud light in the central of road, but don't know which type is suitable for you road,the road stud light NK-RS-X5 is a good choice, please feel free to give us this question and we will give you an optimal solution according to your requirements.

I hope the above three tips can help you when you buy road stud lights,if you are in our website and need the quote of solar road stud light, you can press the email bottom give us a email or fill out the form below the page,we will reply to you as soon as possible when we get your email.