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What are Solar Road Studs

Solar road studs are LED low-maintenance lighting devices powered by solar cells for delineating road edges and centerlines. Embedded in the pavement, they are an electronic improvement over traditional road cat eyes and raised pavement markings, as they provide the driver with a larger window of reaction. Units averaging about 100 square millimeters or 100 millimeters in diameter and about 40 millimeters thick are strong enough to avoid damage from passing vehicles and are usually made of engineering plastics and polycarbonate.
As the focus of highway construction is gradually shifting to mountainous areas and mountainous areas with relatively lagging economic development, the wind speed of mountain highways is significantly affected by mountains and valleys, with an average wind speed of only 1.2 m/s. The humid and rainy climate conditions combined with the lush vegetation Forest environment, so this section is often foggy. And because highways usually span a long distance, especially many routes pass through rural and mountainous areas, the situation of highways is relatively complicated. Fog is often very unevenly distributed, sometimes with fairly clear visibility on one road section and heavy fog on another. Since this situation usually occurs at night, when a high-speed vehicle suddenly enters a foggy area, the driver will feel that the vision suddenly dims. Some drivers cannot adapt to sudden changes in vision, and they will have a sense of panic, which is easy to cause a traffic accident. Therefore, the installation of solar road studs is necessary.
What are Solar Road Studs
Protruding road signs are raised marking blocks installed, fixed on the road, protruding from the road surface, and playing the role of marking lines, commonly known as "road studs". The function of the protruding road sign is that it can be used to mark the center line, lane dividing line, edge line on the highway or other roads; it can also be used to mark curves, entrance and exit ramps, diversion lines, road narrowing, road obstacles Wait for the dangerous road. Due to the high reflective brightness and good warning effect of the raised road signs, they are usually installed on both sides and the center line of the roadway. Under the illumination of the night lights, the outline of the roadway can be outlined, providing the driver with a clear and bright road driving environment. It is a very important safety warning and has been widely used in China's high-grade highways and urban roads. solar marker lights have the functions of displaying road outlines, dividing lanes, and reflecting light at night and rainy nights.
The color of solar road studs usually corresponds to the color of road traffic markings, mainly white and yellow, and cooperates with road traffic markings at night to play a corresponding safety role. Red reflective raised road signs are usually only used in special areas.

Because the solar road stud has a certain height, the general rainwater cannot submerge or stay on the surface of the protruding road sign, which makes the solar road stud have the function of indicating rain and night under certain conditions. Therefore, on roads without all-weather rain and night reflective lines, if solar led traffic signs are installed, it can also play a certain all-weather prompting role.