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Aluminium Solar Cats Eyes Road Stud On Road


aluminium solar cats eyes road studs

Solar cats eyes road studs can illuminate the road without the grid. Each solar road studs are on the road contains its own solar collector and LED lights, as well as a microprocessor that manages the power supply, so that two hours of sunlight can give them enough energy to illuminate for ten hours. As a result, even in bad weather, road visibility can be advanced by one kilometer, which is ten times higher than the distance that the headlights can reach the reflector. They are available in raised and flush styles. This technology has been used in Europe for many years,

For products with general traffic safety, durability is one of the most important aspects. Since the solar cats eyes road studs will undergo structural changes in roads and other places during installation, it is more important that the product must have a higher resistance after installation and can be operated without maintenance for several years.

The advantage of these solar cats eyes road studs is that they are also effective in heavy rain, mist or fog. Solar road studs on road can be used to mark traffic hazards, such as intermediate belts, toll lane control on bridges and tunnels, and to provide traffic guidance in sharp bends in fog areas.

Aluminium solar cats eyes are generally more durable than plastics, but it is also necessary to consider whether the aluminum shell is hollow. If the middle of the aluminium solar cats eye is a hollow shell, it is easy to be crushed by the car. Aluminium Solar Cats Eyes Road Studs are also divided into raised and embedded types. Generally, the embedded type can be installed in the center of the road. Their protruding height will not be higher than 5mm, which is completely friendly to the wheels.