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NOKIN Solar Powered Road Stud in Saudi Arabia

Project location: Saudi Arabia
Product model: NK-RS-D1
Installation time: 2016

Solar powered road stud is an LED lighting device powered by a solar cell used in road construction to depict a road edge and a centerline. Embed on a road surface,solar road reflectors are an improvement to conventional cat-eye because they can provide a driver with more than thirty seconds of reaction time, it is about 3 seconds compared to conventional reflective devices. The strong brightness of the leds makes them easy to see under favorable conditions at a distance of 800 m.
solar powered road studs
Solar powered road studs in Saudi Arabia clients are used in farms to light up the outline of the farm,the advantage is that you can see the outline of the farm clearly at night. On the other hand, you can prevent wolves or other animals from invading the farm, because the animals are afraid of shining things.It is also a beautiful scenery that the solar road reflectors can light up your dark road to the farms. 
solar road reflectorsroad studs in Saudi Arabia

Nokin's solar powered road studs NK-RS-D1 also very popular in the world, it's probably the most common solar powered road studs you've ever seen.And the price is the lowest of all solar road reflectors.The bady material of this solar powered road stud is aluminum alloy and the load capacity can more than 20 tons.Waterproof IP68 desiign to prevent water entering in rainy weather.NI-MH or lithium battery to choice. The reflector of solar powered road studs have 5 colors,white,red,yellow,blue and green,and the most common color is white,yellow and red.The reflector can be designed one side or two sides of road studs.If you need print your LOGO brand on the solar powered road studs, we also can meet your requirements!