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A New Type of Ultra Thin Solar Road Stud Markers

Solar road stud markers are commonly used in our daily life. Except for traffic safety guard, solar road stud markers also show their value for city management, light decoration and other situation. 
Since a solar road stud marker is composed of shell, small solar panel, re-chargeable cell, and LED driver circuitry, it is nearly impossible to make it as thin as a nothing. But the thickness of solar road stud markers affect a lot for passing vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrian. If it is too thick, vehicles will have a strong sense of jolt and even lose control. For non-motor vehicles and pedestrian, a thick solar road stud marker in where is unexpected or ignored may stumble them and cause potential safety hazard.
ultra thin solar road stud markers
Embedded solar road stud markers could solve the thickness problem but bring other problem: it must destroy road surface and influence road using for a while. Therefore, NOKIN Traffic comes up with a new type of ultra thin solar road stud markers -- NK-RS-Q7.
Compared with traditional solar road stud whose thickness is usually 20-30mm, the thickness of solar road stud markers NK-RS-Q7 is only 11mm. When people walk or ride through these solar raised pavement markers,they will feel smoother, less prone to tripping and feel less bumpy. Parks and sidewalks are places where commonly use the new type raised solar road stud markers. Bicycle lanes can also use them.
ultra thin solar road stud markers in park
NOKIN Traffic is a professional manufacturer of solar energy transportation facilities. Our company offers variety of traffic safety products which can meet your multifarious demands. If you want to know more about the new type of ultra thin solar road stud markers or other products, please contact us!