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Solar LED Road Studs Were Installed In Nanpu Bridge, Shanghai

Project location: Shanghai
Product model: NK-RS-K1
Installation time: 2019

The "big turntable" of the Puxi main approach bridge of the Nanpu Bridge is a traffic accident black spot. In order to reduce the accident rate and ensure driving safety, the Nanpu Bridge Project Department recently installed solar self-illuminated road studs on the right-hand access road west to east of the Puxi main approach bridge.
Solar Road Studs install

The solar led road studs which installed this time are equipped with accessories such as solar panels, synchronization chips, exit lights, etc., which have a number of new functions. The solar panel in the led road studs absorbs sunlight during the day and converts the solar energy into electrical energy storage. When the light is dark, the electrical energy in the energy storage is automatically converted into light energy, and the road is outlined by the bright light emitted by the LED.

Another big new feature is the synchronization chip in the led road studs, which can synchronize the flashing frequency of the same solar road stud within dozens of meters around to ensure that all the road studs flash on and off synchronously, making the lanes more clear at night. The lamp group accessories of solar led road studs adopt the leading lamp groups exported to other countries. They have the characteristics of durability, high brightness, good effect, low energy consumption, etc., while ensuring brightness and reducing energy consumption.
LED Road Studs

The installation and use of solar led road studs avoid the interference of rain and fog on safe driving to a certain extent. The high-intensity light penetrates the rain and fog, highlights the contour of the bridge deck, safely and effectively indicates the driving direction for the driver, creating a safe traffic environment.