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Mountain Road Drivers See The Benefits Of Solar LED Road Studs

There are many mountain roads in China. These roads are often curved and can't see the direction of the roads in the distance, and they can't install power lighting equipment. After the communication between NOKIN and the managers of the mountain attractions, the first solar led road studs were installed and tested on the roads in the mountainous area of Linzhou.
solar led road stud

After installing solar road studs, the number of drivers driving safely on mountain roads has more than doubled. Rural roads have previously provided little or no provision for any lighting demarcation, but since the installation of solar led road stud, 80% of drivers described the nighttime visibility of the road layout as "significantly improved."

“Given the challenges and terrain of the region, installing power lighting is impractical and not atheistic. Traditional retro-reflective road studs will not improve the challenge of short-field vision. For customers and road users, solar led road studs have proven is the most cost-effective and influential solution." NOKIN founder Mr. Qin said

Unlike traditional retro-reflective studs that rely on car headlight beams that can be seen only 90 meters away, active solar led road studs actively emit light through solar LEDs, while LEDs can be seen 900 meters away. This provides a better profile for all road users including pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

solar led road stud

The service life of active solar led road studs is up to 10 years, and the service life is five times that of reflective road studs, thus reducing the need for regular maintenance and replacement work. The use of sustainable solar energy also eliminates the need for main power sources and roadside equipment.

"We are considering cooperating with other mountain roads to popularize road safety knowledge and replace the existing reflective studs with new active solar led road studs. To make contributions to road safety NOKIN companies should make," Mr. Qin said.