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Aluminium Solar Powered LED Road Marker In China Urban Road

Project location: China
Product model: Solar road stud NK-RS-A6-1
Installation time: 2016

When a citizen passed by the intersection of Zhonghua Road and Wenming Avenue in Anyang City, he discovered that there was a row of flashing led road marker lights beside the zebra crossing. They were very curious. What role did this square blue light play?

With questions, they contacted Manager Wu of Shenzhen Nokin Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. who installed the device. According to reports: "This device is called Aluminium solar led road marker, and the solar road marker plays the role of indicating the road at night or in rain and fog, and reminds the vehicle to move slowly and safely."

aluminium solar led road marker

Manager Wu introduced: "In the past, solar led road marker were seen on aircraft channels and motorways. Due to the small size, the warning effect is obvious and aluminium solar led road marker is used in various road traffic. Due to the rapid development of urban road traffic, aluminium solar led road marker have been seen in many urban roads , on the one hand, improves the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, and on the other hand, it beautifies our urban roads and adds some color to the beautiful urban environment."

Function of solar led road marker: indicate the road,  Remind people and vehicle to slow down
Features of aluminium solar road marker: Solar charging, automatic opening, bulletproof and pressure resistant.



"In dim light conditions, the aluminium solar led road markers will automatically turn on the blinking function, and the effect of the haze weather will be more obvious. Solar LED road marker is an emerging product that integrates advanced technologies such as high-efficiency solar panels and bulletproof panels. The power supply, and the aluminium solar led road markers have optimized the function of the solar road markers to a certain extent. Its with small size, but it can withstand 30 tons of anti-rolling weight under operating conditions. The service life is generally about three years. "Manager Wu told the public.