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NOKIN Cold Painting Road Marking Machine Launched in Guatemala

As early as 2019, NOKIN's cold painting marking machine has been put into use in Guatemala. In the following two years, Guatemalan customers have also established a good cooperative relationship with Nokin's road marking machine. NOKIN also got good reviews from customers.

The road marking machine is a road construction machine that is widely used in roads, highways, parking lots, squares and runways to mark different restrictions, guidelines and warnings on the flat ground. The road marking machine has played a huge role in urban planning and highway construction with its advantages of speed, efficiency and accuracy, saving the construction period and economic investment of road construction to the greatest extent.

Our Guatemalan customer purchased a cold painting road marking machine. The cold painting road marking machine is a high-pressure and constant-flow type airless sprayer. It has a reasonable design, and the spray gun frame guide rod lift design can be adjusted more accurately. The spraying width is uniform, the marking is uniform, the effect under the marking is good, and the construction is fast and convenient. The specific product details are as follows:

1. The airless spraying technology of the cold painting road marking machine driven by the high-pressure pump driven by the gasoline engine is applied to the marking vehicle on the sports field. The sprayed line is clear, smooth, full, uniform, and has high work efficiency.
2. There are baffle plates on both sides of the spray gun to ensure that the line width is free of burrs. When turning, the plate can be raised and rotated freely by pulling the wire.
3. The spray gun is easy to disassemble, and different nozzles can be replaced to control the range of different scribe widths. It can be used as ordinary airless spray for spraying marks or signs.
4. The cold painting road marking machine can be driven by hand, with free steering, reliable orientation and flexible steering.


When using a pavement cold spray marking machine, be sure to clear the original row. When in use, use a suitable wire stripper.
1. Usually the adjustable range is 5 to 15 cm.
2. Type of coating: The coatings commonly used in road cold painting marking machines are solvent-based and water-soluble. If you don't have strict requirements for a pavement cold spray liner, you can use both, which can expand your business to sports turf and beyond.
3. Handheld spray gun: In addition to allowing you to freely spray various symbols with templates, pavement cold spray liners also use a handheld spray gun because it is easy to move and can also work in other places than walls, pillars and ground. Therefore, cold painting road marking machineis now standard equipment for all types of cold-spray liners.