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LED Cat's Eyes Lights / Road Stud In Brazil

Project location: Brazil
Product model: NK-RS-Q7
Installation time: 2017

Led road stud is an active road safety device fixed on the road surface for marking and depicting night visibility. It is a separate device module with solar energy, batteries, leds and electronics designed to switch between dusk and flash automatically on all night to provide drivers with sufficient vision and advance warning on the road. Unlike passive reflective cat's eyes, the effectiveness of Led cat's eyes does not depend on the intensity and range of the vehicle's headlights. Instead, free solar energy is used to operate leds that flash all night, providing remote visibility and providing guidance and warning to road users to improve road driving safety.
Led road stud

Today I will introduce one of our product, Led cat's eyes NK-RS-Q7, this one is ultra-thin LED road stud,our Brazil customer buy them and used in garden road, the thickness of this cat's eyes lights is only 11mm, IP68 waterproof,five colors for choose, if you have a private garden and need decoration lights, this one will be a better choice.
Led cat's eyes
This Led cat's eyes was originally designed for bicycle lanes and sidewalks because the thickness of usual Led road stud is typically around 25mm and is installed in the motorway. The speed on the bicycle lane is not so fast, and the impact on the Led cat's eyes is small, so we designed this ultra-thin road stud light, the thickness is only 11mm, it will not affect the driving of the wheel. It is made of fully transparent PC material and translucent is particularly good, if you go out for a walk on such a road lit by colorful Led cat's eyes, it will be a wonderful experience.