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Plastic LED Solar Road Stud in The Country Road

Project Location: China
Related Product: Plastic solar road stud K1
Installation Time: August 6, 2022

Another country road was lit up by led solar road studs. On August 6, 2022, in response to the call of the country to revitalize rural development, Shenzhen Nokin Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd., as a leading supplier of solar road studs in China, also paid with his own contribution, 800 plastic led solar road studs were installed on the streets of the countryside, which not only alleviated the safety hazards of traveling at night, but also added a beautiful scenery to the countryside.

LED road stud in The Country Road

Compared with the city, the night in the countryside is extraordinarily quiet. It does not have the hustle and bustle of the city, nor the neon lights that can be seen everywhere. When night falls, walking on the country road can be described as "out of sight".

In order to improve the construction of rural infrastructure, light up the night in the countryside, and illuminate the new life of the villagers, carrying out the lighting work in the countryside is a project that meets the needs of the villagers and is beneficial to the people. The main roads in rural areas are fully covered by street lights, which can effectively ensure the safety of people's travel at night, and make the countryside brightly lit at night.

install led solar road stud

Nokin recommends installing this plastic led solar road stud is a PC material road stud. Its shell is made of fully transparent PC material and imported raw materials. It won't turn yellow over time. The weighing capacity of this led solar road stud is 20 tons. Because it is on the main road of the village, compared to the busy city, the traffic flow here is not large, so it is no problem to install it on both sides of the road.

plastic led solar road stud

Nokin's plastic led solar road studs are often purchased by customers all over the world to decorate their gardens or docks. Due to its circular design, this led solar road stud has a wide range of usage scenarios, it can be used to mark traffic hazards such as median strips, provide toll booth lane control at bridges and tunnels, and for traffic guidance on sharp corners in fog prone areas. In addition, it is also a good choice to be a pillar headlight!