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Solar Powered Road Marker Were Installed In The Park

The first solar-powered road marker was created to provide clearly visible traffic guidance in all weather conditions. Unlike traditional reflective road marker, solar road marker do not rely on headlights to depict the road ahead. In the darkness of the night, using bright light-emitting diodes (LEDs), the projected light from each solar studs can be seen up to 800 meters away.
solar road marker

NOKIN brings you the latest solar road safety lighting equipment. These products enhance road safety and save lives and money for road operators worldwide. Solar powered road marker operate autonomously using solar energy absorbed by sunlight.

In addition to being used as solar studs, these solar powered road marker can also be installed in many other locations to draw attention to dangers and obstacles: pedestrian ladders, zebra crossings, entrances or exits, etc. With the recognition of solar road marker, its scope of use has been further expanded. You see, we have a customer who installs solar studs in parks.

solar powered road marker
The use of these solar powered road marker has greatly saved energy, green and environmental friendly, and those complicated and expensive wiring have disappeared. Thanks to the built-in chip inside, this small solar road mark will automatically glow at dusk; when the light intensity exceeds a certain intensity, they will automatically turn off and start charging. No additional maintenance is required.