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Plastic road stud NK-1005
Plastic road stud NK-1005
Plastic road stud NK-1005
Plastic road stud NK-1005
Plastic road stud NK-1005
Plastic road stud NK-1005

Plastic road stud NK-1005

Model: NK-1005,ASTM D4280 & EN1463-1 standards
Body material: PC/ABS
Reflective material: Impact resistant PMMA
Size: 103mm*80mm*18mm
Color :
Certificates: ASTM D4280 & EN1463-1
Reflective road studs provide the most effective night guidance, even in the worst weather conditions. Plastic road reflectors come in different sizes to depict the mode of transportation at the center and edges of the road. These are available in aluminum as well as rigid ABS plastics. The special material composition makes the screw bear severe impact.

Plastic road studs can be used in front of factories, hospitals and schools where traffic flow or speed is not high. Aluminum road studs are recommended for use on high speed roads and on roads with heavy vehicles such as trucks. As a professional reflective studs supplier, our mission is to ensure public safety by providing quality reflective road studs with the best price.

A reflective road marker is a safety device used on roads. These devices are usually made with plastic, ceramic, thermoplastic paint, glass or occasionally metal, and come in a variety of shapes and colors. Raised reflective road markers, such as plastic, ceramic, metal ones, include a lens or sheeting that enhances their visibility by retroreflecting automotive headlights, while glass road studs gather automotive headlights with a dome shape and reflect the lights with a reflective layer within.

What do the reflective road studs of different colors mean on the road?
White reflective road marker: mark the lanes or the middle of the road.
Red reflective road markers: mark the left edge of the road.
Motorway amber studs: mark the central reservation of a dual carriageway or motorway.
Green reflective road marker: mark the edge of the main carriageway at lay-bys and slip roads.
Green/yellow reflective road marker: indicate temporary adjustments to lane layouts, e.g. where road works are taking place.   

Reflective road studs from NOKIN are meet ASTM D4280 standard, following are some report data:

ASTM D4280 Standard:
Test Distance 100 feet, 0.2° Observation Angle 
Units: MilliCandela per Incident Lux (mCd/lux)

Horizontal entrance angle White Red Yellow
0 279 70 167
20° 112 28 67
Test data
0 628 185 453
20° 196 132 202
Plastic road stud NK-1005
ASTM D4280 & EN1463-1 standards.

SPECIAL TEXTURE DESIGN:  Reflective road stud tightly bonding with the ground through glue, with strong stability.

HIGH REFLECTIVITY: Good performance, micro prism total reflection reflector with diamond level reflection brightness.

DURABLE & LONG-LASTING: Adopt DBM die plate from Canada and PMMA lens technology from Taiwan, with the highest reflectivity and reflectivity.
Specification :
Model   NK-1005
  Material   PC/ABS
  Reflective material   Impact resistant PMMA
  Color   Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Green, Red/White
  Size   103mm x 80mm x 18mm    (4.06"*3.15"*0.71")
  Weight   93g/pc; 10kg/ctn   (0.21bs/pc; 22.05bs/ctn ); 100pcs/ctn
  Compression   16 T

Why NOKIN (25 years of experience): NOKIN has been a pioneer and leader in security for 25 years. We address occupational safety, traffic management, health and environmental needs by providing needs-based and regulatory compliance expertise. We pay the most attention to customer service and product quality. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products or services, please feel free to contact us. Visit our products listing to see the full range.

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