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Why Solar Road Stud Markers Is Economical

The solar road stud markers have solar rechargeable batteries/capacitor and operate automatically without any external power source nor does it require huge expenditure in setting up electrical infrastructure which prevents burden on State exchequer. They can be easily deployed in remote areas where electric supply is not available or is not feasible. Thus it is an economical alternative to expensive street lighting.
As the solar road stud markers are extremely bright they need to be put much farther apart from one another, almost twice the distance when compared to Cat Eyes, thus lesser units are required which further reduce cost by 50%.

solar road stud markers
The cover of solar road stud markers has been tested by laboratories for its durability and wear ability. Most importantly, it has been road tested in actual installations and found to be very durable and unbreakable.
The solar road stud markers are made of strengthened Aluminum alloy and Hi-Grade poly carbonate, these studs are absolutely weather resistant / virtually indestructible.  No maintenance is required and they work efficiently and reliably for years and years to come.

solar road stud markers
Solar Road Stud Marker features the "dual mode illumination" for its fail-safe functional reliability. Our product features the reflective panel that has been equally tested to be equally functional as the conventional reflective road marker when the L.E.D. light is disabled. Therefore, if the unit malfunctioned and failed to illuminate the L.E.D. light beam, the road visibility is essentially equal and no less than before the installation of the Solar Miracle. In other words, you can only improve road safety with our product. There is no compromise for road safety if a unit malfunctions.