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The Application Features of Solar Road Stud Markers

Solar road stud markers enjoy the advantage of active-lighting over the negative-lighting signs at sides of road and bridge. Compared with other auto-lighting lights, they are more energy-saving, longer in service life and lighter, and have the functions of bump proof and decoration as well.

solar road stud markers
The application fearures of solar road stud markers are following. The solar road stud markers adopt solar energy without the difficulty of leading electric wire. Besides, no electric shock possibility, no fire hidden danger, ecological environment protection exist because the solar road stud marker will not use electricity. And the life expectancy is over 5 years at temperature -40℃~+85℃. It is Convenient installation, maintenance free. And with special design, the solar road stud markers can auto shift day and night with continuous working time of over 108 hours.
The solar road stud markers have early warning effect at special highway condition. Highway special sections include bend road, alpine road, road section with sharp turnings, wide road to narrow road, service and experimental road sections, road sections with accident ahead and special road condition ahead (cave, bridge etc).

solar road stud markers
And the solar road stud markers are applied in emergency caution in special weather. Special weather and climate features at superhighway: thunder storm, snowy and Foggy.
The warning means of solar road stud markers are: (1) Flash in advance to create precaution effect; (2) Stronger light for warning emphasis; (3) Color warning to avoid blind spot; (4) Change from active illumination to negative illumination under the dynamo to avoid dazzling of light in near distance; (5) Function of bump proof; (6) Light with strong penetrability for warning emphasis; (7) Night decoration.