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Why Solar Road Stud Markers Are Used in Tunnel?

In China, the highway length are increasing, especially in those mountainous area and distant area. Therefore, the installation of tunnel is also emerging. The active solar road stud markers are wildly used in tunnel, such as Wutong Mountain Tunnel, Jiuweiling Tunnel and Fenghuang Mountain Tunnel.

solar road stud marker
At present, there are some deficiencies in the process of transportation of expressway tunnels that have been put into operation, such as insufficient lighting, insufficient reflection and guidance signs in the tunnel, etc.
The probability of traffic accidents in the long tunnel section is relatively large. The main objective reasons are the transition of light intensity at the entrance and exit of the tunnel, insufficient lighting in the tunnel, visual fatigue caused by single driving for a long time, and poor skid resistance of the tunnel pavement. The above reasons will lead to the decrease of driving comfort in the tunnel, and the lack of visibility will lead to traffic accidents.

solar road stud marker
We must take new measures, application and promotion of new technology, to improve the traffic safety of tunnel engineering operation, tunnel active solar road stud markers came into being. The active solar road stud markers can help to reduce the traffic accidents in tunnel.
First of all, the tunnel active solar road stud markers can effectively clarify the boundary of the tunnel, increase the identification of the tunnel, play a warning and guiding role to the driver, and can also effectively alleviate the visual and mental fatigue. Secondly, tunnel active solar road stud marker with LED lighting can effectively provide lighting conditions in the tunnel, reduce lighting power consumption and improve driving comfort.