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Why Is the Warning Effect of Solar Road Stud Better

In recent years, with the rapid development of urban construction, the road conditions and driving environment have become more and more complex. Many methods of two-way Lane center separation and separation of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles have been applied to urban trunk roads and expressways. The new traffic facilities such as barrier green belts, barrier guardrails, pedestrian crossings, ramp exits, and other areas have become the high incidence points of traffic accidents in the city. Solar road stud has become the main management method for road traffic safety. The solar road stud not only improves the smoothness and safety but also brightens the night view of the city, becoming a beautiful scenic spot in China's urban construction.


Why is the warning effect of solar road stud better? Traditional street lamp lighting relies on urban power, so it is impossible to use traditional street lamps where there is a lack of power resources. Solar road studs can be used where electricity is scarce. This is one of the advantages of solar road studs.

The waning effect of solar road stud. Compared with the traditional reflective road stud, the solar road stud can achieve two light-emitting forms: active light-emitting and passive light-emitting. Solar road studs play a warning role through active and passive lighting.


3M reflective film structure is selected for passive lighting of solar road stud. When the light source is shining, the solar road stud can clearly display the warning light through the back reflection function of the 3M reflective film. Therefore, the two light-emitting forms make the solar road stud effective and can ensure the fundamental safety warning function.


The luminous power of solar road stud is higher. Nokin solar road stud adopts high brightness LED and imported chips, with longer life and higher luminous power.