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What Is Active Solar Road Stud Markers?

The active solar road stud marker is a kind of road stud marker, which is set along both sides of the road to indicate the edge of road and tunnel at night or in rainy and foggy weather. It is composed of shell, led, wire and controller. It can be powered by solar panel or alternating current. It can only rely on active light and can be combined with passive reflection. The working mode is consisting or flashing. 

solar road stud marker
The active solar road stud marker used in tunnels have oil resistance requirements, which require a large number of LED and plastic shells. The shell of active road stud marker used in road surface has compression resistance requirements, and most of them are cast aluminum shell, which combines active luminescence with reflection.
The active solar road stud markers work in the way of constant lighting or synchronous flashing. The batteries and circuits can be replaced through wire connection, which is more resistant to pressure, stronger stability and longer service life.

solar road stud marker
The traditional solar road stud marker has its own system, which can complete photoelectric conversion, electric energy storage and led flicker independently. There are solar panels, circuits and batteries in the solar spike, so it is difficult to do high compression value, and the battery is not replaceable, and the service life of the solar road stud markers is affected.
The characteristics of active solar road stud marker are that the solar panels, batteries and control circuits in each solar road stud marker are centralized into a control box. The effective control distance of a control system can be 500 meters. Solar road stud markers only retain LED and a simple voltage stabilizing circuit for display purposes. The internal circuit is reduced and the compression value can reach 16 tons.