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The Application of Active Solar Road Stud Markers

A small solar road stud marker can form a complete system. The system of solar road stud markers can complete photoelectric conversion, energy storage and led flicker by itself. Such an independent system also cause some fault of solar road stud marker, such as low load capacity, bad impact resistant. Active solar road stud markers can make the solar road stud exposed on the surface of road less by depositing other components in a controller.

active solar road stud markers
Another advantage of the active solar road stud marker is that several solar road studs share single solar panel. It is very suitable for use on mountainous roads with twists and turns, lush trees and insufficient sunlight on the ground. When applied, just put a big solar panel in a sunny place. The traditional solar road stud marker requires that every one must have sufficient sunlight, which is not realistic. Therefore, in the solar road stud marker industry, active road stud marker is an important technical way for development.
Although the performance of active solar road stud marker is excellent, it needs to be slotted, embedded and sealed in the pavement when it is installed, which requires a large amount of work and requires high engineering quality.

active solar road stud markers application
With the progress of science and technology, the production technology of solar road stud marker is also developing. Compared with the early solar products, the solar road stud marker has made great breakthroughs in the luminous mode, product form, function and performance.
Nowadays, solar road stud marker produced by various manufacturers are basically constant bright ones. This kind of solar road stud marker installed on the highway, in the dark night, like a pearl inlaid on both sides of the road, can not only guide the driver's line of sight, but also give people infinite beauty.