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What Can Solar Road Stud Markers Do

This autonomous solar road stud marker is very practical when you want to light a road marking. During the day, the battery is charged by the solar panel on the top. During the night, the LED lamp will light for a period of about 10 hours. Because the LED lighting works on solar power, this LED solar road stud marker is completely autonomous. With a compression resistance of 10 KN, they are also very robust.

solar road stud marker
According to research, solar LED road stud markers can reduce accidents by 70%. They can of course also be used to light your driveway or for other applications!
The key benefits of solar road stud markers is zero energy costs and carbon emissions in service to save energy and protect environment. Solar road stud markers could be installed quickly and easily with substantial savings on installation compared to hard-wired options. And solar road stud markers can light from dusk to dawn even in demanding environments such as Northern European winters. Intelligent, interactive technology detects human traffic and increases illumination, then automatically powers down to a lower level to conserve energy when no movement is detected which also reduces light pollution
Nokin Traffic can product solar road stud marker customized time settings to suit client requirements and customized finishes upon request to suit client specification. Nokin solar road stud marker products can guarantee 5 year battery life and 2 year warranty on all components. It also applies superbly engineered with hidden fixings and IP68 protection rating.

solar road stud marker
Over the last few months we have seen the product go in to numerous applications from driveways to marinas. Here are some examples of where the solar road stud markers can be applied:Cycle tracks/Pathways, Recreational areas/Community spaces, National parksCar parks/DrivewaysCanal paths, Boat marinas/Docking areas & slipways, Golf clubs/Estate grounds, Campuses/large residential areas, Holiday villages/Caravan & Camp sites and Garden/Patio lighting