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Three Types of Solar Smart Bench

Smart Solar Benches are new urban furniture pieces that will help parks, universities, retail, or business centers to create better, safer, and more user-friendly environments. From base model to be spoke branding, the Solar Smart Bench offers flexibility in three build finish options.

solar road product
1. Urban Smart Bench
The Urban Smart Bench offers a high-end, robust steel frame, powder coated in anthracite  gray, with options for composite clad wood effect end panels, with a toughened edge  protected 13 mm glass top.The Solar Smart Bench has four USB charging ports, (iPhone  and Android), and with an LED underside strip light included, the Urban Smart Bench  offers an overall durable understated stylish outdoor bench that fits with any exterior  setting.
2. Flexible Smart Bench
The Flexible Smart Bench offers the same features as the Urban Smart Bench but has the  extra flexibility of creating bespoke brand features at customer request, allowing the bench  to have the customers unique brand identity.Underside panels can be powder coated in  brand colors, brand identity can be added to underside panels.

solar road product
3. Digital Smart Bench
The Digital Smart Bench offers the same features as the Urban/Flexible model but with  the added premium of high quality digital colour printed branded graphics end caps. This  allows the customer to maximize their in brand communication potential.
If you are eager to make your urban furniture greener, a solar bench is a great innovative  solution. It functions solely on clean solar energy; this energy gets stored and is available  to you 24/7. Working, studying, or just relaxing, it can all be done on this modern bench  that features both wireless chargers and USB ports. Everyone will be able to chill and sit  comfortably, since this bench can’t get warmer than 30 degrees Celsius.