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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Using Solar Road Studs

Unqualified compressive value
solar road marker installed on the road have problems with compression, and the products are either crushed or separated from top to bottom. This is actually caused by unreasonable structure. The main manifestations of unreasonable structure:
Some Frequently Asked Questions About Using Solar Road Studs
1. The interior is hollow, and the hollow is not compressive.
The harm of the inner hollow is also reflected on the LED lampshade, which is damaged because of the hollow, and then the LED itself will be damaged.
Detection method:
After the whiteboard is pulled out, the steel ball falls freely from a height of one meter, hitting the LED lampshade part of the solar road stud vertically. See if the lampshade is broken.
2. Wrong structure with nail feet
The solar road stud with nail feet is divided into two parts, the lower part is the base part with nails, the upper part is the solar panel, LED and lampshade part, the upper and lower parts are connected by several screws, most of the solar road studs with nail feet are currently used. this structure. When the product is installed on the road and fixed with glue, it actually only fixes and glues the lower half of the solar-powered road studs, and the upper half is only fixed to the lower part by a few small screws.
The most common problem of solar road studs with nail feet is that the upper and lower parts are separated. During the rolling process of the vehicle, a few screws are too thin and the force is too small. After the vehicle is pressed a few times, the top will fly off.
Some Frequently Asked Questions About Using Solar Road Studs
More stable without feet, solar road studs without feet, on the ground where the whole road stud is glued, road studs with feet, the top is equivalent to fixing to the ground with a few small screws

The first countries to make solar road studs active and passive are Japanese and Korean companies. Their requirements for the solar road studs are: if the solar road studs cannot work due to various reasons, they can also be compensated by the reflection of the road studs.
The authentic reflective mold core is electroformed on a needle-type electroforming motherboard with very high precision, and after the motherboard has been used several times, it must be removed and re-polished to ensure the reflectivity of the reflective mold core. Only a few companies in the world can do this kind of pin-type motherboard, and some small electroforming remakes are not capable of electroforming with pin-type motherboards. This also results in a product that looks like a reflective sheet, but is actually not reflective.
Reflector identification method:
Place the solar road cat eyes 10 meters away, hold a small flashlight in your hand, place the flashlight between your eyes, and illuminate the surface of the product to see if it reflects light.
Some Frequently Asked Questions About Using Solar Road Studs
3、Poor waterproof performance
In the installation of solar road studs on the road, if encountered in the rain and snow, solar road studs because of poor sealing into the water can not work properly. Most of the nails are injected inside the glue, to be glue solidification, rain can not penetrate.