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Three Uses of NOKIN LED Solar Powered Road Stud Light

A qualified LED solar road stud must meet the specifications in quality. At present, the solar cells commonly used in the industry are monocrystalline silicon panels. This is because monocrystalline silicon solar panels have a high photoelectric conversion rate of about 14%, which can convert solar energy into electrical energy to the greatest extent possible to ensure solar road spikes. Energy supply at work. Under standard test conditions, the solar road stud is placed for 8 hours, and the rated capacity of the battery should meet the needs of the road stud to emit light normally for five natural days. Even if the solar illuminance is less than 1000LX, after charging the battery for 8 hours, its rated capacity can meet the needs of the road stud to emit light normally for 36 hours.


Next, let us introduce the three practical uses of solar road studs in detail!
1. Used to decorate buildings in public places or used as decorations in courtyards and parks
Road stud light are becoming more and more popular abroad, and their shapes, sizes, and specifications are becoming more and more diverse, so the application scenarios are becoming more and more popular. They are installed on the path of the park to decorate the edge of the road, and the forest path in the park at night. Twinkling, like a string of pearls. In some luxury apartment complexes, these solar road stud lights of different colors and designs are installed in the courtyard, so that residents who walk their dogs at night have a good visual experience, and also play a role in night lighting.
2. The original function of the road stud is to modify the road center line and edge line
The most important thing for solar-powered road studs used on highways is to have the ultra-high load-bearing capacity, especially those installed on the center line of the road, where countless vehicles are rolled every day, and the material selection of the shell is particularly important. The colors of different road studs are installed in different positions, and the traffic information expressed is also different. For example, if the flashing color of the solar road stud is green, it means that it can pass normally. If it is red, you need to stop and wait.
solar road stud
3. Solar road studs can also be used on docks
LED road studs are very simple to install, do not require wiring, and have high waterproof performance. When the lights are on at night, it is like a beautiful landscape, decorating the wharf road, as if entering a fairyland. Moreover, the service life of solar road studs is also very long, which reduces the cost of manpower and material resources, which is a good choice.
The LED Road Stud Solar Powered produced by our Shenzhen Nuojin transportation facilities are exported to many countries and have received unanimous praise from customers, and there is a steady stream of customers who cooperate with us. If you have needs in this regard, you can also contact us for details. All of our products have obtained quality assurance certificates and are sure to meet your various needs.