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LED Solar-Powered Road Studs Light - Made in China

LED solar road stud have become more and more familiar in recent years, more and more women are joining the ranks of driving, and the number of private cars has also increased. Solar road studs integrate road lighting and traffic safety maintenance. Many cities have applied solar road studs to municipal traffic, which facilitates our daily travel and life.


In big cities like Beijing, road stud light lights are also installed. In the early days of use, many citizens and friends were also full of doubts: what is the purpose of this road stud installed on the road? Red, green, and yellow, solar road stud lights of different colors have different uses. The road stud lights on the zebra crossing are controlled by Bluetooth or GPS. When pedestrians are prohibited from passing, the road studs follow the traffic lights in front of them and display red; when pedestrians can pass, the green lights are on with the system. This is an intelligent lighting system for solar road stud lights.
Solar-powered road studs can effectively prevent traffic accidents, and you can choose two modes: always on or flashing. Especially at night and in foggy weather, the effect is more obvious, providing more reaction time for the driver and passengers. In addition, it is powered by solar energy, which is more environmentally friendly and safe and is brighter than the light using mains electricity, which greatly meets our needs for street lights.

The LED road studs is also a new type of product with advanced technology. The function has been upgraded based on the traditional solar road stud, and it is also more intelligent. It can be used for many years without the need for traditional wiring and manual maintenance. The power is completely supplied by solar energy. As long as there is sun, the solar road stud lamp can complete its charging and continue to illuminate the road at night to maintain traffic safety.
LED Road Stud Solar Powered are often used in conjunction with traffic signs, such as road studs and crosswalk traffic signs, which can improve the warning effect at night. It reduces the accident rate of pedestrians crossing the road, facilitates our daily travel, and also contributes to environmental protection!