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The Types of Road Studs

Road stud, is used in the road pavement making to guide the vehicles driving on the right roadway and reduce the accidents to keep traffic safe. So, it is also called road pavement marker. Road studs are reflective supplements used on roads to improve visibility at night and in bad weather conditions. Road stud act as speed limiters before the end of a junction/intersection/overpass segment.

road studs

The road studs are classified by color as follows:

1. White
White road stud indicate lane lines and lane centers.

2. Red
Since red indicates danger, red road studs are used to indicate lines that should not be crossed, and are mainly used to demarcate the left edge of a driving lane.

3. Yellow
Yellow road studs are used to indicate a line that should not be crossed, with the aim of delineating the right edge of a running lane in the case of multiple lanes separating lanes.

4. Green

Green road studs are used to indicate the boundaries of an edge line that can be crossed, such as a spare lane, and in the case of a multi-lane separating lane, the boundary of the acceleration or deceleration line on the left side of the lane.


Other road stud types

According to the number of reflective surfaces, wear resistance and bending strength, road studs are divided into the following categories:

Type A - Bidirectional reflection marker, one color.
Type B - One-way reflective marker, one color.
Type D - Bidirectional reflection marker, two colors.
Specify H - Stud with a hard, wear-resistant lens surface.
Specified F - Bolts with sufficient longitudinal strength for flexible asphalt concrete pavement.


In addition to the classification of road studs by color, there are other classifications, such as solar road studs, reflective road studs, active road studs, etc., according to energy sources.