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The Operation Methods of Solar Road Stud Markers


To guide direction, warn drivers and reduce traffic accidents, solar road stud markers are widely applied in low light condition, dangerous area and bad weather. It is necessary to know their operation methods to make consumers to trust the tiny but life-saving stuff. Small though solar road stud markers are, they are sophisticate electrical devices and has complex technology. I will introduce the operation methods in this essay.

solar road stud markers

To begin with, I would like to briefly introduce solar road stud markers in case that some audiences dont know much about them. The solar road stud marker is a traffic safety facility for securing safe road environment with high luminance LED lights ON by solar energy without electricity. It can be made of plastic, aluminum, glass, ceramic, even solar model and be composed of solar cell, super capacitor, control circuit and light source.

solar road stud markers

The operation methods of solar road stud markers can be simply summarized as follows. The solar panels absorb sunlight and convert solar energy into electricity. The electric power are stored in energy storage devices (lithium batteries or capacitor).  At night, the electric energy in the energy storage devices is automatically converted into light energy, and the road contour is outlined by LED light, which can guide the driver's sight.

Solar road stud markers is a kind of lamp which uses solar cell as energy source. It can give active light which is better than traditional reflective road stud markers, and automatically control the switch of light according to the environmental light intensity. In the next passage, I will introduce how to maintain a solar road stud markers.

solar road stud markers

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