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New Safety Guarantee Devices -- Solar Road Stud Markers

This essay will introduces new safety guarantee devices -- solar road stud markers from two aspects: first, the characteristics of solar road stud markers; second, the application of solar road stud markers on safety assurance projects.
To protect health and life of drivers, plenty of traffic safety facilities are applied in dangerous area of express, such as sharp corners, dangerous bends, steep slope zone, poor sight distance and dangerous roadside sections on national and provincial trunk lines. Whether traditional traffic safety products or new developed road safety devices contribute a lot to improve the safety of highway traffic and reduce driver distraction caused by the perception of long, dull, dark roads at night.

solar road stud markers
Solar road stud markers are advanced traffic security guarantee facilities. Solar road stud markers are truly life-saving safety devices on the roads in areas with frequent fog related traffic accidents. There are many roads in East China, South China and Sichuan province using solar road stud markers and achieving good results.
Ordinary reflective road studs lock of high light intensity. The solar road stud markers perfectly remedy this disadvantage. First, it has extraordinary light intensity in low light condition. Old reflective road has only 200-300 MCD of reflective brightness, while solar road stud markers can reach 3000 and even more, which is more than ten times the former. The light is strong enough to penetrate fogs and rains at night and efficiently warning drivers to safe area.
Second, compared with passive reflective illumination way of traditional road stud markers, solar road stud markers can actively illuminate constantly or flash to extent frequency. The type of active illumination not only avoid disturbance of bad weather to the maximum extent, but also get rid of relying on vehicles headlights. Therefore, it show better dynamic warning effects with more far visual range.

Solar road stud markers are applied more and more often due to these advantages, especially in dangerous area of highway. The solar road stud markers is a key point to solve the security problem that the Ministry of communications concerns.