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The Main Features of a Perfect Solar Road Stud Markers (3)

First of all, the solar road stud markers actively emit light and clearly outline the road. The solar road cat eye lights have a battery which is capable of storing up to hundreds of hours worth of charge, which means they work even on days when there is little light. Secondly, the solar road stud markers greatly improve the lighting intensity, especially in poor weather or at night. It can penetrate through fog or mist and provide visibility beyond 800m. The flashing raises driver’s attention and impel divers to do relevant act more easier. High efficiency of solar road LED studs help to reduce traffic accidents.

Nokin company uses USA brand flexible solar panel with high conversion and charge efficiency. solar road stud markers independently designed and produced by Nokin Traffic boast high efficiency and cell conversion efficiency > 15%.
Except for excellent quality, perfect solar road LED studs should be easily installed. To set out road studs, it is barely impossible to keep the road surface as complete as new. Laying down electrical circuit make the situation worse. Whereas, solar road stud markers with small size can omit those installation steps and be placed in remote area without electrical facility. There are handles on the both side of it to prevent staining the reflective face when fix it.
Nokin productions also meet this require. 
In summary, a perfect solar road stud markers must concern about these issues: impact resistance, water-proof, self-maintenance, visibility, efficiency and installation. Choosing a perfect production is not easy but Nokin Traffic save your problem by creating goods that meet all the requires. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us and our adorable workers are willing to reply you.