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The Main Features of a Perfect Solar Road Stud Markers (2)

3. Self-maintenance.The traditional cat eyes are based on the technique of reflection, they can not work without vehicles' headlights. Their effect of illumination would fade with time flashing, dust accumulation and weather influence. The appearance of solar road stud markers perfectly saves the problem. The solar panel charge the battery using sunlight during daytime and automatically emitting lights in the evening. It Design for long emitting time of days in a terrible weather condition such as overcast, winter and rainy season. What’s more, the program PCB has high stability. Therefore, no maintenance is required and they work with high efficiency year after year.

All Nokin solar road stud markers are equipped with lithium batteries or super capacitor. The  lifespan can last for 3-10 years long (according to different battery types).
4. VisibilityCompared to the traditional road studs which rely on headlights, solar road stud markers are energy storage, active device. The latter gives extended visibility distances over the former from 80m to at least 800m. It also has better performance in poor weather conditions. Obviously, solar road stud markers relief the stress of drivers because they can see further ahead and help to improve road discipline.

solar road markers
Nokin solar road stud markers show high intensity of illumination with omni-directional lighting : Front, rear, and both sides (Driving direction visibility : over 800m). We devote ourselves to protect the life and health of human being.