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The Life Span of Solar Road Stud Markers (2)

Batteries are important for solar road stud markers, and so are electronic circuits. The design of the circuit board must follow the principle of simply and efficiency. Never try to be artificially complex. Because the more circuit occur, the higher possibility of happening fault. The choice of electronic components should also be strict, because a small diode can paralyze the whole system.

solar road stud marker
There is also the problem of welding. The welding of solar road stud markers must be reliable, because the solar road stud markers have to bear the rolling and impact of vehicles every day. A little bit of loose solder joints will lead to loose lines and fall off of solar road stud markers. Therefore, we must select high-quality welding gun and solder products to ensure that the solder joint is firm and reliable, and can work in relatively harsh environment for a long time.
In addition, we also should pay attention to other part of the solar road stud markers, that is, solar panels. Solar panels directly absorb solar energy and convert light energy into electric energy, which can be said to be the first link in the whole working system of solar road stud markers; its working efficiency directly determines the working efficiency of solar road stud markers.

solar road stud marker
At present, monocrystalline silicon solar panels are widely used. This is because the photoelectric conversion rate of monocrystalline silicon solar panels is about 14%, which is high. It can convert solar energy into electric energy to ensure the energy supply when the solar road stud marker works.