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The Importance of Solar Powered Cats Eyes On Road


solar led pavement markerSolar powered cats eyes are composed of solar panels, LEDs, batteries and housings. The solar panel on top of the solar cats eyes absorbs solar energy during the day. This solar energy can be converted into electrical energy and stored in a battery or capacitor. At night, the electrical energy in the storage device can be automatically converted into light energy (controlled) (via a photoelectric switch ), The outline of the path is displayed by LED lights and guid the driver's sight.

Solar cats eyes on road provides clearly visible traffic guidance at all weather condition.Starts automatically to flash when night falls or with the onset of inclement weather .The bright flashing LEDs are highly effective at getting the attention of drivers much earlier than conventional reflective cats eyes.

These solar powered cats eyes work in a good way above the road surface. Because solar cats eyes are light emitting devices, these cats eyes come in many different colors, such as green, red, and amber. They are embedded on the road surface. These devices convey information about the direction of the road to the driver, even in bad weather conditions. They help improve road throughput. They have made a huge contribution to improving traffic safety. These cats eyes on road are the highest way to obtain the highest reliability, usually on traffic heavy roads.

Standard road studs require car headlamps to illuminate their reflective surfaces – typically, this means that headlights can be seen 90 meters away, allowing the driver to travel at 60 mph for about three seconds to respond to road conditions. Solar cat eyes on road can be seen 900 meters away throughout the night, allowing the driver to travel at 60mph for more than 30 seconds to react. 

Solar powered cats eyes have been shown to enhance safety and be a more sustainable and economical method of delineation during night-time hours or inclement weather conditions.