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Solar LED Pavement Marker Concern


When it comes to solar LED pavement marker along the way of Ou Kaapse Weg, it can be said that failure is a sign of success.

The failure of most of the solar pavement marker on the road has raised concerns about safety at night. Brett Herron, a member of the Cape Town mayor's transport committee, took a different view.


Solar LED Marker

"From your query, the solar pavement marker have been so positive and distinctive since they were first installed that the failure of some of them has created the false impression that we are no longer installing reflective road studs  along the Ou Kaapse Weg" he said.

As part of the pilot project, New York City transit authorities installed solar LED marker on Ou Kaapse Weg, Noordhoek Main Road and Glencairn Main Road in Cape Town.

"Given that these solar LED pavement marker were installed as a pilot project, they were installed between existing reflective road studs, so safety would never be compromised in the event of a failure," he said. He points out that solar LED pavement marker do not work as well as they should when solar energy is insufficient.

Mr. Herron says the cost of each solar pavement marker is about R170. Asked about the durability and duration of the LED pavement marker, Mr. Herron said the pilot program aims to determine their durability and function, as well as their suitability for our road conditions in terms of traffic volume and weather.

solar pavement marker with reflector

"We do not know at this time what caused some of the solar LED pavement marker to default. We have contacted the equipment supplier to assist us. "After determining the cause of the failure, we will replace the defective solar pavement marker," he said.

Mr. Herron stressed that New York City had never removed the standard reflective road stud along the path of Ou Kaapse Weg, which should still help road users in low light.

Form this news we found the the solar led powered markers which installed in Ou Kaapse Weg is not including the reflectors, if you worry this problems, can choose the solar pavement marker with the reflectos, in case the LED lamp beads will not work due to bad weather, the reflective film will also play a guiding role.