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The Features of Nokin Solar Road Stud Markers

Solar road stud markers are traffic safety facility for securing safe road environment at night or in bad weather condition with high luminance LED lights ON by solar energy without electricity. Nokin Traffic is a professional company to research, design and product solar road stud marker products. Here will introduce the features of Nokin solar road stud markers.
1. Excellent visibility
Different from other common road stud markers, Nokin solar road stud markers can reach omni-directional lighting, that is, illuminate front, rear, and both sides of the road stud markers. And the driving direction visibility is Over 1000M, which is far more than common road stud markers. Due to its excellent visibility, the Nokin solar road stud marker could be used in a sharp curved and dangerous areas. HW design is applied for long emitting time of 5~7 days in a bad weather condition such as winter, rainy season.

solar road stud markers
2.Minimize the damage in road surface work
Nokin solar road stud markers protrude road surface less than 3mm protrusion to solve the attendant problems of vehicle increasing, over load-driving and over speed-driving getting more and more worse, and minimize the early injury of Nokin solar road stud markers. Nokin solar road stud markers can also minimize the damage by snowplow or any road repairing work.

solar road stud markers
3. Excellent durability and water resistance
Nokin solar road stud markers has structural rigidity for high-speed, heavy vehicles, and continuous loading environment. Nokin solar road stud markers pass the load test and heat-resistance test. High strength Polycarbonate / Outer case : Aluminum die-casting inner case, double-layered structure case design and injection of waterproof material for perfect waterproof are applied to reach excellent durability and water resistance.
Nokin Traffic are committed to providing customers with leading products, advanced technology, perfect solutions, and high-quality services, and provide customers with cost-effective products and a full range of after-sales service network.