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What Are the Differences Between Plastic and Aluminum Road Studs?


Road studs are used to divide roads, separate roads, or lanes within traffic and road safety areas. Usually, there is a reflective material or mirror on the stud. Although the reflector (called catundefineds eye) is very small, the material acts as lighting by reflecting the headlights of the vehicle. Reflective board can be used in three ways: reflective board, plastic reflective board and glass bead. 

 aluminum road stud

These reflectors are mounted on plastic or aluminum shells. The road stud composed of housing and reflector is mounted on the road or related place through screws and fixing plugs. The road studs with shank are installed on the road by nailing machine and fixed on the ground with epoxy adhesive. The size of the selected stud depends on the area they are used. In particular, it is important to determine the height for the use of road stud. Will this be used to slow down speed? Or will it be used for lane layouts?

 road marker

So what is the difference between plastic road stud and aluminium road studs? 

1>The aluminium road studs are more durable than plastic road studs and have a longer service life. 

2>In terms of the cost of the purchase, the price of the aluminum raw material is higher than the price of the plastic raw material. As a result, the cost of aluminium road studs is 40% more expensive than plastic road studs of similar size. 

3>Plastic road marker can be used for temporary or short-term road maintenance. Aluminium road studs can be used for long-term road works or permanent road separation lines. 

4>Both plastic and aluminium road studs can be used to determine the boundaries of the right and left sides of the road. If an road stud is used in the middle of the road, it is recommended to use an aluminum road stud to reduce the speed of the vehicle and increase the driverundefineds awareness. 

5>The compressive strength of the plastic road studs is 5-10 tons. But it is 30-40 tons for aluminum road studs . In this way, the selection of the road stud type can be changed according to the use area. 

6>Plastic road stud can be used in hospitals and schools in front of a factory where traffic flow or vehicle speed is not much. Aluminum-based road studs arerecommended for heavy-duty vehicles such as high-speed vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles such as  trucks.