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Intelligent Synchronous Flash Solar Motorway Studs Application in Highway

Project location: Saudi-Arabia
Product model: NK-RS-A6-1
Installation time: 2016
Synchronous Flash Solar Motorway Studs also called bluetooth solar co-frequency road stud,refers to the solar road studs installed separated which flash in the same frequency.

Synchronous Flash Solar Motorway Studs is mainly used in the following scenes on the expressway: 
1> Highway entrance and exit (ramp) 
2> Large bend section 
3> Tunnel entrance and exit 
4> Toll station entrance and exit 
5> Temporary road guidance 


Solar motorway studs on highways installed in highway entrance and exitis generally used to remind drivers to avoidance in advance by flashing synchronously, guide direction in rainy and foggy weather or in times of low visibility and etc. Compared with the reflective road stud, it has the advantages of active luminous, flashing warning and so on, Compared with the ordinary solar road studs, it has the advantages of preventing dizziness,warning in clear and orderly and so on.

Our Saudi Arabia choose the wired type,there is no solar panel in the studs,the power requires supply by wire. The advantage of this kind of solar motorway studs is that the brightness of the light is relatively stable, because they are powered by wires with a stable voltage, and will not be affected by changes in voltage caused by changes in battery power. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to install and requires slotting to bury the wires.