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The Classifications of Road Stud for Sale


Road studs ,also known as raised pavement markers, a common means of traffic barriers, are used to guide people in the right direction to prevent speeding and traffic accidents.
The specifications of the road studs are generally 100mm*100mm*20mm and the height is up to 25mm. There are a variety of reflectors, including reflective sheets, reflective beads, led light, reflective film and so on.
There are many classifications of road studs, which can be divided into aluminum road studs, plastic road studs, ceramic road studs and glass ball road studs according to the material. 

Classifications of Road Stud

According to the function can be divided into: ordinary road studs, solar road studs, tunnel cable road studs, wireless road studs.
Solar road stud for sale on the market also can be divided into embedded and raised according to the installation position.The former is generally used in the center line, and the latter is generally used in the edge line.

solar road studs

According to the number of reflective surfaces can be divided into : single-sided road studs and double-sided road studs.