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The Cases of Solar Road Stud Marker in Busy Road

The solar road stud marker is a safety device used on roads. Raised solar road stud marker can provide highly effective visibility even at night or during rain. The application of solar road stud marker in busy road can help reduce the traffic accident. Here are some cases of solar road stud marker in China.

cases of solar road stud marker in China
Application of solar road stud marker in Changfeng bridge, Taiyuan city. Changfengqiao section is one of the core sections of Taiyuan Road, with large traffic flow and high speed. Especially in the case of poor lighting at night, vehicles often hit the middle guardrail lamp post. 
When solar road stud marker are installed here, drivers can clearly see the lane separation line 300 meters away, so as to improve safety, reduce traffic accidents and protect people's life and property safety.
Application of solar road stud marker in Ximen bridge, Jiefang street, Xingqing District, Yinchuan city. Ximen bridge section is a new reconstruction section. The lanes on both sides of the bridge deck and the bridge deck lane are changed from two-way 8-lane to two-way 6-lane. Due to the large traffic flow here, there are certain traffic safety hazards after removing the central guard fence. 
Since 50 flashing solar energy road stud markers have been installed here, in addition to lightening the road, the most important function of these road stud markers is to isolate the road surface and regulate drivers at night.

cases of solar road stud marker in China
On April 23, some place in Zhengzhou city where there are no conditions to install signal lights and where were densely located in government agencies, primary and secondary schools, hospitals, parks, markets and residential communities along the route. A smart intersection system with solar road stud marker was installed.
Before, there were only zebra crossings and no traffic lights. There were so many cars passing by, and cars drove so fast that every time they crossed the road, pedestrians were scared. Since solar road stud marker are installed, pedestrians feel much safer.