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The Cases of Solar Road Stud Markers in Taiyuan City

The application of solar road stud markers in Taiyuan city is very late. Until a few years ago, the roads in Taiyuan city have not yet been installed with solar road stud marker. Because they need to be installed in the middle of the road and are often impacted and crushed by vehicles. Besides, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province is a famous coal city, where heavy coal trucks frequent come and go. People are worried whether solar road stud marker can withstand such pressure and guarantee a life of more than three years.

solar road stud marker
In August 2017, traffic police detachment of Taiyuan Public Security Bureau selected five road sections with complicated traffic conditions in Taiyuan, and installed protruding solar road stud marker, embedded solar road stud marker and pedestrian crossing intelligent solar road stud marker.
Pedestrian crossing intelligent solar road stud marker are installed at the zebra crossing in front of the government gate of Xiaodian District of Taiyuan city. The traffic flow and pedestrian flow in this section are large. Especially at night, there are more elderly people dancing in the square in front of the government gate so that people and vehicles break the traffic law frequently.

solar road stud marker
The end of the zebra crossing is equipped with intelligent solar road stud marker controlled by the geomagnetic switch. When passing vehicles pass the geomagnetic switch 50 meters in front of the zebra crossing, the intelligent road studs on the zebra crossing will flash at the same time, warning passing vehicles to slow down and warning pedestrians to be careful.
On both sides of the intersection of Xiaodian Expressway are the upper and lower entrances of the expressway, and the middle is a fast trunk road. The intersection is wide and the lighting is complex. The double yellow line in the middle can hardly be seen. As a result, the vehicles often have to press the line and overtake the line. The embedded solar road stud marker is installed to make drivers quickly and accurately identify the double yellow line and reduce the scratch between vehicles.