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The Application of Solar Road Stud Marker in Tunnel (2)

With the rapid development of China transportation industry in recent years, the highway route has gradually extended from the population concentrated plain area to the mountainous area with relatively backward economy. The construction of expressways in mountainous areas is bound to make the long tunnel gradually become one of the main engineering of nation construction. 

solar road stud marker in tunnel
With the continuous improvement of the national economy, people pay more and more attention to the safety and comfort of highway traffic. However, in the process of highway transportation, traffic accidents in the long tunnel section frequently happen. The main objective reasons are the transition of light and dark at the entrance and exit of the tunnel, insufficient lighting in the tunnel, single driving for a long time causing visual fatigue and tunnel poor skid resistance of pavement.
The active solar road stud marker is suitable to install at tunnel. And there are many typical cases in China. For example, Jingyuankou tunnel (2272m) in Gutian section of Xiamen Chengdu Expressway in Fujian Province was used as a pilot project to add LED solar road stud markers. The use of LED solar road stud marker not only increases the tunnel identification, but also helps drivers to judge the tunnel width, and also reduces visual and mental fatigue,

solar road stud marker in tunnel
In view of this pilot application effect, Longyan Expressway plans to add LED solar road stud markers to other long tunnels along the line.
In February 2015, Guizhou Provincial Transportation Department began to promote the use of tunnel road stud markers, and completed the first installation of reflective ring in Gaojiayan Tunnel of Guibi Expressway in September 2015. After testing, only one group of lights in the tunnel was turned on, the tunnel boundary outline was clear, and the driving effect was significantly improved. At the same time, solar road stud markers also reduce the power consumption of lighting, which can save 180000 yuan in only one year.